Tijdens het Fotografencafé van 3 september gaan we de expositie van Draumlist bekijken. Een aantal van de exposerende fotografen zullen hierbij aanwezig zijn. Dus alle gelegenheid om je vragen te stellen en je te laten inspireren!

Draumlist: All around us there are people who are working for an employer and are mostly satisfied about that. But some people are also working on the creative plane, next to their regular job, for example painters, photographers, designers, furniture makers, writers, sculptors, musicians etc.

All these people often say, that if they want to do something different with their lives they would like to work more on their art & creative process. But when they think about that challenge they rise against a lot of barriers. These artists constantly say that they want to make that switch, but don’t want to think about things such as acquisition, sales, contacts, planning, marketing, etc.
Mainly because that takes a lot of time and keeps them from making art…

It’s our aim to make DraumList a playground with all kinds of artists who are focused on their art & creative process.

Everything from a creative perspective.